International Centre of Excellence is an executive education centre that offers specialized programs for professional training and development. ICE offers a wide array of professional courses and provides an opportunity for executives working at different tiers in organizations to enhance their Skills and progress in careers by inculcating knowledge from best practices in management techniques and technologies.

The courses are led by top international and national consultants that specialise in their field of work and are considered as leading Industry Professionals. There are regular Open Enrolment Programs that run throughout the year at the centre. ICE also offers client specific training to organizations that are tailored to the requirements of each business. The partnerships established by ICE in the industry and academia allows for development of comprehensive programmes that are well suited to the needs of the industry. The centre regularly organizes customized courses for the corporate clients; and holds short courses on emerging issues and themes for those engaged in business. The programs offered are designed to strengthen the participants’ personal development, productivity capacity, and enhance strategic thinking. The Centre specializes in executive education and management development activities through open-enrolment courses, client- specific customized programs and consultancy.

Vision & Mission

To lead the way in creating transformational learning that allows business executives to become effective, responsible and impactful leaders of their organizations

How do we ensure Excellence

  1. We create Local and Global programs through engaging leading faculty and Industry Practitioners
  2. Our training programmes are developed using latest evidence-based research with holistic application.
  3. An exceptional combination of evidence based and time-tested approaches, cutting edge theories and powerful tools for effectively managing businesses locally
  4. Engage and develop opportunities to unearth the creative potential of participants and provide them tools to use it to propel in their careers.