Advance Microsoft and Office Skills

Advance Microsoft and Office Skills

Proficiency in the use of Microsoft office has become essential part of succeeding in a workplace. Through this course the participants are expected to Indicate the names and functions of the Microsoft office interface components and be able to use it to create and develop intendent content.

Intended outcomes

S.NO. Outcomes
1 Explain the functions of the Microsoft office software as used in professional settings
2 Navigate in Office suite processors and use menus and commands.
3 Find online and program resources for learning how to use the program and its features.
4 Create, edit and save documents and familiarize with the working space of software.
6 Understand and identify file formats for the document format by reference to the file extension
7 Understand the ethical issues in using this processing resources in office suite
Develop comprehensive ability to develop workable files in word suite.

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