Learn Chines Language

Learn Chines Language

Foundation Course

2-months Twice a Week Class

Certified by Minhaj University

Intermediate Level Course

HSK Level-1

Certified by Confucius Institute, China

Duration 3-months

Twice a week class

Degree Level Course

HSK Level-3

Duration              3-months thrice a week classs

HSK Level-4

Duration              3-months

Internationally Valid Degree

Highly Qualified Teachers

Affordable Fee Package

Minhaj University stands Pioneer among the domain of private university facilitate students to make their career by learn Chinese Language.

Career Opportunities

Diploma in Chinese Language provides access to professions including:-

  1. Positions in Governmental and Non Governmental organizations.
  2. Teaching in Government schools, Colleges, and Universities as well as in private sectors.
  3. Thousands of jobs with reference to CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Cori door)
  4. Jobs as translators in International Firms.

Foundation Course study plan

1st day:-                                Introduction

2nd day:-               Initial sound+final aounds.

3rd day:-               Compound Sounds

4th day:-                Counting

5th day:-                Month of year + days of weeks

6th day:-                Time

7th day:-                New Words

8th day:-                sounds audio

9th day:-                Compound Sound audio and new vocabulary

10th day:-             Searching Word self Introduction

11th day:-             Creating words

12th day:-             Conversational dialogues

13th day:-             Reviewing

14th day:-             Exam Preparation

15th day:-             Exam preparation

16th day:-             Exam Preparation



HSK 1 study plan


Basic sound

Sound and tones

Chinese writing strokes

Vocabulary words 150

vocabulary words and grammar

150 chinese character

Last month for preparation of HSK 1 exam  with the help of past paper , audios

and also with video clips.


In this course we will learn the following:

  • Introduction of basic Characters, Nouns, & Prepositions
  • Daily Life conversation introduction
  • Self introduction
  • How to make sentences
  • Different Phrases according to situation

Course Detail

Learn Sound of Pinyin Chinese


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  • Price Rs. 18,000/-
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  • 12 Weeks
  • Course Certificate
  • 8 of 15 Students


Qasim Khan

Mr. Qasim Khan, is a highly skilled Arabic Speaker. He is formally educated in Arabic language from Birzeit University, Palestine,
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