Spoken English for Beginners

Spoken English for Beginners


S.NO. Objective
1 Develop fluency in English for everyday situation
2 Build understanding of Basic Grammar (Sentences, Parts of Speech, tenses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect Narration).
3 Communication with people in the classrooms, office and in real life situation
4 Develop Skills to Speak accurately and clearly.
5 Improve pronunciation and fluency.
6 Vocabulary Extending Program. (VEP)
7 Skills to pathway of IELTS, abroad studies and job getting skills
8 Provide Word bank of up to 1000 words for vocabulary buildup

Intended outcomes



Greetings and introductions Listen for specific information e.g. personal information
Make conversations in familiar situations (e.g. café, chatting about family, weekend) Answer simple questions on informational conversations
Ask and respond to simple questions with modelling Match information with speakers
Describe things Listen for pronunciation and intonation
Talk about past and future events Identify numbers (e.g. years and dates) from listening
Listen to complete sentences and summaries the essence of message.

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  • Languages
  • 8 Weeks
  • Course Certificate
  • 10 to 15


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