Moughees shoukat


He is the, pioneer, Head of Islamic Finance in the College of Banking & Financial Studies, Muscat, Oman, under the Central Bank of Oman. He is the first to hold such headship in Oman. He specializes in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance and is a global leader, international public speaker and a PhD scholar in the same. Mughees Shaukat is Fintech specialist from MIT, USA and is member of AAOIFI and Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor from the same. He also holds MSc in Islamic finance, the IFQ certification and a number of other certifications in core areas of Islamic Finance. His focus includes Islamic Economics, Quran and Economy, Macro Economic Policies in Islamic finance, FinTech and Islamic/Halal Finance, History of Economic Thought, Shariah Governance and audit, Islamic financial markets, SMEs and Venture Capital, & Takaful among other.